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Russia last year, oil production over Saudi Arabia

Release time:2017-04-10 14:36:51    來源:

According to the Russian media reported on January 7, Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Energy released the latest statistics show that Russia's average daily output of 10.27 million barrels of oil in 2011 than the 2010 oil production increased by 1.25%.
Statistics show that Russia in November last year and December, the daily oil production reached the highest level, respectively, 1035 million barrels and 1032 million barrels.
Russia has maintained its position as the world's largest oil producer in 2011 due to higher oil production. Ota is based on the statistics of last November to make the above conclusions. Saudi Arabia averaged 100.5 million barrels of oil per year in November last year.
Saudi Arabia has yet to count the final production of its full year 2011.
The increase in oil production is very good news for the Russian economy, Russia last year, the occasion of the increase in oil production is the occasion of a sharp rise in oil prices. According to the United States Bloomberg News compiled data, said Russia last year, exports of northwest Europe's national benchmark crude oil Ural crude oil prices rose 40%, reaching $ 109.30 a barrel.
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