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  • Warmly celebrate the development of isobutene in the production of isobutene


    Warmly celebrate Binzhou Yuxiang Production of Butene by MTBE Application of Shijiazhuang Institute of catalyst and technology a successful car!

  • Sinopec reduces ethylene production to increase oil supply


    March 20, from the China Petroleum and Chemical Group was informed that after the increase in oil prices, Sinopec to increase the supply of refined oil to reduce the production of chemical products, Maoming Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Zhongyuan

  • Supply and demand serious imbalance, propylene glycol has not bottomed out


    After the holiday, the trend of domestic propylene glycol was quite embarrassing, despite the early manufacturers rally aggressive, just a few days later pulled up nearly a thousand dollars, the lack of demand with the amount of empty prices of the market

  • Russia last year, oil production over Saudi Arabia


    According to the Russian media reported on January 7, Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Energy released the latest statistics show that Russia s average

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